Make Reading Fun With Your Children

 (Originally posted on October 2nd 2014 by Elisa Tyler)

In today's busy society,  few people believe they have time to sit down and read. We like to skim over paragraphs to get to the main point, or skip reading altogether. 

I have witnessed many children become upset with reading, saying it’s too long or they don't know the words. A lot of children have expressed they do not read aloud in school anymore. 

In order to promote more reading, I decided to write a children’s book.  I incorporated my mentee, Treasure McCorkle, 14, to illustrate, and my son Julian to write the book about. “Little Julian and his Toy Cars” follows Julian as his cars, animals, and imagination come alive. I incorporated a balance of images and rich text so that children are not intimidated by the book, yet still develop reading skills and concept understanding as they go. 

Naturally, Julian loves the book. I know your child will too!
"Little Julian & His Toy Cars" can be purchased in physical or e-book format. Buy it here.