May= Mother's Day= Mental Health Awareness

(Originally posted May 4th 2015 By Elisa Tyler) 

When we think of May, we tend to think of Mother's Day! But do we think of how much a mother endures to provide and be a strong support system for her family? A good mother learns how to balance, children, work, relaxation, and more. Everyone needs a mental health day and we are excited that May is "Mental Health Awareness Month".

Your mental health can and will play a HUGE factor in your everyday life (mood, ambition, outlook, work ethics, energy). Here are some few tips you can do to release stress:

1. Daily meditation. Pray, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. 
2. Go for a walk. Exercise, even low impact, releases endorphins that soothe the body and help you relax. 
3. Read (read a interesting book; reading can take your mind to a mental vacation)
4. Sleep. Getting enough sleep is the easiest and quickest way to stay healthy and vibrant. 
5.Think positive. Through all of our hardship, all of us have something to be happy about. 

Happy Mother's Day and thank you to all the moms out there!