Rainy Day Activities

(Originally Posted on June 18th, 2015 by Elisa Tyler) 

Not every summer day is going to have perfect weather. Some days are going to be too hot and humid to even think about anything outside but the pool, and some days are going to be so rainy that the old man who lives across the street starts building a giant boat and collecting two of every animal in the world. When those days happen, there are still ways to have fun without sitting in front of a TV.

1. Reading. A book is a great way to pass the time. It's both entertaining and keeps the brain active. There are lots of public libraries you can visit to find the perfect book, and many of them host other activities and events that are great for rainy days. I recommend this one. 
2. Board games. They're fun, and great family bonding events. Just don't play Risk. That's a quick way to turn family members against one another.
3. The movies. Find a classic your family all used to love to watch together, and relive it. A little nostalgia can never hurt. 
4. Summer homework. Take care of it now, while you can’t be outside, then enjoy the freedom to be in the sun at the end of the summer. 
5. Play in the rain. Sometimes it’s fun to accept that rain is just water, and go out there and get a little wet.