Frequently Asked Questions


Who does DOTR service?

Diamonds On The Rise focuses on low-income, at risk youth between the ages of 4 and 18 in Baltimore City and surrounding counties.

The children that we focus often have a pattern of defiant behavior, come from a broken home, have experienced trauma or abuse, or have a mental disorder. We also accept youth who may not be at risk but would like to broaden their horizons through our programs.

When are the sessions?

  • After School-On the Road to Success: Tuesday, September 8th
  • Mentoring-Diamond Mine: Rolling 
  • Summer Camp-Camp Diamond: June 27th-August 12th (2016) 
  • Workshops-Diamond Core: September- May 
  • For Adults-Lend a Helping Hand: Year Around 

Is there a cost associated with programs? 

Yes, there is a small cost associated with programs to cover expenses such as food and activities for the kids. 
The costs are: 

  • After School: On the Road to Success: contact us for pricing
  • Mentoring: Diamond Mine: contact us for pricing
  • Summer Camp: Camp Diamond: contact us for pricing 
  • Workshops: Diamond Core: contact us for pricing 
  • For Adults: Lend a Helping hand: contact us for pricing 

We provide financial assistance to those who need it. Over the next 5 years, we are aiming to make our programs free for all participants.

How long do youth typically stay in your programs?

Most of our participants remain in our programs for over 2 years. We develop a relationship with every child involved and prospectively their families.

Who do you partner with? 

We partner with schools and community organizations to implement our programs. Our partners include (past & present): 

  • Sarah M. Roach Elementary
  •  Gwynns Falls Elementary
  • Brehems Lane Elementary
  •  Guilford Elementary
  •  Banneker Recreation Center
  •  Boys & Girls Club of Westport
  •  Boys & Girls Club of Towanda
  •  Light Health & Wellness Comprehensive Services
  •  Maryland Choices

Interested in having our programs impact your school? Contact us.

How can I get involved? 

If you want to contribute to our organization, we will find a way for you to help. We are always looking for new volunteers, mentors, interns, and group facilitators. To find out more, visit our “You” page.