How can I get involved?

Diamonds on the Rise is constantly seeking out talented, passionate, and caring individuals who strive to make an impact within their community. Think you want to be a part of our team? Find your best fit below.

Become a mentor

Develop a one on one relationship with one of our Diamonds. Whether it just be for a semester, or through several years, you can guide a youth through critical stages of their development. You might make a friend along the way. 


  • Serve as a positive role model by modeling desirable behaviors—patience, tolerance, and reflective listening.

  • Communicate with their mentees weekly—by telephone or email—to keep in touch about what is going on in their lives and/or during the visits of the workshops implemented by the program.

  • Honor all commitments made to the mentee.

  • Be comfortable and able to establish appropriate boundaries with the mentee and his or her family.

  • Follow youth/young adult treatment plan and implement interventions

  • Attend team meetings with the organization and other providers.

  • Link the youth and family to resources.

  • Work closely with organization staff through phone contact, personal conferences and group meetings in order to contribute to a cohesive organization.

Become an intern

Become a part of the DOTR core team. Interns are a critical component to our organization an wield significant influence. Take charge of our marketing, develop new programs, and facilitate new partnerships and growth in the community. 

Internships are available in: 

  • Marketing 
  • Program Development 
  • Community Development 


  • Work under the supervision of the Executive Director and/or Program Specialist.
  • Conceptualize and execute marketing campaigns 

  • Manage social media, email, and print marketing 

  • Create treatment plans for clients 

  • Be trained on psychosocial assessments and complete a psychosocial assessment on the referred client that acknowledges strengths while addressing identified needs.

  • Identify and interpret social, occupational, and environmental factors affecting the client, and identify the internal and external resources available to the client.

  • Assist in the establishment and maintenance of case files, records, and other required documentation and the preparation of periodic reports.

  • Assist in interviewing clients and history documentation

  • Attend various meetings and conferences, participates in training offered by the agency, and attends other educational classes if made available during the time of the internship.

  • Implement agency programs such as group facilitation and after school programs 

  • Serve as a liaison between schools and community agencies to provide appropriate referrals for client and their families in need.

Become a group facilitator

We spend countless hours crafting and promoting our programs, but their most important element is the people that run them. We are seeking thoughtful and ambitious individuals with experience in teaching or social work to become group facilitators for our programs. 


Provide educational and enrichment services to youth participants.

Find news ways to improve and expand our programs 

Document attendance, non-attendance, participant progress and inappropriate behavior for follow-up with the referring agency. 

Complete individualized documentation for each group participant and individual progress notes 

Implement group sessions on topics approved by Director (Social Skills, Hygiene, Leadership, Positive Conflict Resolution Skills)

Maintain confidentiality in keeping with ethical standard and participates in continuing education to enhance professional growth.

Minimum Educational/Experience Requirements:

Bachelors or Masters Degree preferred in the Behavioral Health field, Counseling, Social Work, Psychology, Youth Development or equivalent experience.

Employment Requirements:

Must be able to pass a criminal background investigation by the company

Must have a least one year experience working with youth and adolescents.